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Dried Sugar?

March 27, 2016

Have you ever had a pack of sugar that got really dry and hard because the container or bag stayed open? Well, there are many ideas out there to help fix that little problem, and I would like to share mine with you.

It’s a really easy fix that doesn’t take a whole lot of effort… all you need is an airtight bag or container, and a moist paper towel! That’s it!

I put my bag of hard sugar in a big jar, but you can use any Ziploc-type bag that you can fully close. Then, get a paper towel, wet it and wring it out as much as you can. Place the paper towel in the jar; no fancy positioning, just drop it on top of the opened sugar bag like in the picture below.

(Make sure it’s not inside the sugar bag touching the sugar, just set the moist paper towel on top of the open sugar bag not touching the sugar)

untitled (50)

Then, once you have the moist paper towel in place, put the lid on your jar, (like the picture below), or if you’re using a Ziploc-type bag, then close your bag tight.

untitled (49)

Once it’s covered, just allow it to sit on your counter top, pantry, or cabinet for a day or two. Then, take out your paper towel and discard it in the recycle bin, and that’s it! Your sugar bag will once again be scoopable!


So… what’s your solution to dried sugar? Post your great ideas in the comments below so we can have a mini-resource page to fix the dried sugar problem!  🙂


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