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Monogamy Is Not Outdated

February 28, 2016

You know… what is it about loving someone that makes you feel so complete? I have been married for over 20 years to my best friend and my sweetheart. In a day and age when infidelity, divorce, and spousal abandonment is as common as changing outfits for the week, I’m so blessed to be out of that loop.

My husband is a serial monogamist. That means that my heart, from the minute that my husband asked me out on our first date has NEVER felt the sting of infidelity, whether emotional or physical. Some of you may snicker and say, yeah right, that can’t be possible!

Say what you may, but it’s true.

Now, I didn’t say we’ve never had an argument. We’ve had plenty of arguments, but I have been blessed with a husband that doesn’t leave me to find comfort in someone else’s arms when he’s pissed off at me. He’ll be mad… in the next room over, until we cool off and talk.

Now that’s some pretty personal stuff to put up on a blog for all to see, but like him, I’m really tired. I’m tired of people and the media portraying marriage, especially long term marriage, as something boring that’s outdated, and not exciting. I’m tired of people thinking it’s okay to step out on your family. I’m tired of people excusing that type of behavior and shrugging it off with an, oh well that’s life.

What the heck happened to commitment? Nowadays, it’s like marriage is something disposable; something worthless to be discarded when it no longer suits you. That’s not how marriage works! When you take those vows, you take them for a lifetime, not for however long things are going ok. You don’t let go of each other when things get rough. You hold on to each other… period. Always. And it won’t be successful unless both individuals give the same 100% effort.

Yep… I said 100% effort; not 50%, and not 101%… just a solid 100% effort. I don’t understand why some people claim if they could just have 50/50 effort with their partners, then that makes 100% and it’s great!

NOT!!! Why do you want someone that will give you half an effort? Really? Don’t you want someone that gives their relationship with you their full effort? If they don’t want to give your relationship their all in all, then they don’t deserve you. That’s right… they do not deserve you, unless they can give your relationship a full effort.

So, chin up, and understand your self-worth because you deserve someone that will, not only love you, but be totally committed to your heart… always.




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