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What’s the difference between men’s and women’s weight lifting?

December 13, 2015

Everyone can benefit from a well planned weight lifting program ~ if you have a muscular system, you can benefit regardless of age or ability. Keep in mind that weight training should be adjusted to your level of ability. A common misconception often propagated is that there are “men’s exercises” versus “women’s exercises”.

From a kinesiology (the study of muscles and their movements) standpoint, weight training exercises are the same for men and women. The difference exists in the way that men and women choose to develop various muscle groups. There are even many variances in the way one woman will train as opposed to another; the same goes for men. If you are a competitive athlete, such as a body builder then you will probably work to build all muscles; but a recreational weight lifter may choose certain muscles they want to develop more than others.

Again, your weight lifting program should always be tailored just for you as it’s more a matter of personal choice than male or female differences. (Of course this applies when no other outside factors come into play which cause you to have to focus on a particular muscle group, such as a back injury. In that case you have to focus on your back and opposing muscles in order to develop a healthy and proper muscle balance. But if that’s not your case, then by all means, lift weights and have fun!!!)


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