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Lite salt?

October 11, 2015

Unfortunately, though there are other salt options, our taste buds are completely adjusted to only one type of salt… sodium chloride; and for people with High Blood Pressure, aka HTN, that is a dangerous thing. When you try a ‘No Salt’ option, it’ll induce a very bitter after taste in your mouth because you’re not used to it, so people tend to stay away from things that tastes so different! For individuals suffering from HTN, it’s extremely important to reduce that sodium to less than 1500mg per day, a very difficult task indeed. So how do you accomplish this?

Here’s one helpful (and realistic) suggestion… one third at a time!

Lets get something straight right off the bat ~ your tastebuds CAN be re-trained, it takes some time, but it is possible! That being said, try this…  Lite Salt! It’s considered ‘lite’ because it’s made up of half sodium chloride and half potassium chloride. It will taste bitter at first, so don’t use it straight up just yet. Begin by cutting at least one-third of the regular salt you eat and replace it with this lite salt. The mixture of two-thirds regular salt with one-third lite salt, will mask the bitterness of it enough for you to not really notice it much, but enough so that your tastebuds can start the ‘conversion’ process! (And you want to taste at least a little bit of that bitterness, so your tongue can start adjusting) When you get to the point in time that you no longer taste that bitterness at all, change your formula again by another third, (so now you will use only one-third regular salt, with two-thirds lite salt). Eventually you will end up using only lite salt with no taste difference! Now, if the one-third is still too much, then bring it down to one-fourth and progress slowly that way. The point is to reduce your sodium intake slowly, yet with  steady progress!!!

Hang in there, you can do it!!!


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