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Roasted Sweet Potatoes

October 4, 2015

This is a great and simple way to prepare sweet potatoes. If you’re like me, you like sweet potatoes in just about any way, but it’s still nice to play with flavors some time. So, let’s start.

Get your sweet potato, peel it and rinse it. (You can leave the peel on if you prefer, no need to peel it.)

Sweet Potatoes

Once peeled, or simply washed, slice it in half lengthwise.

peeled sweet potato

Then place each half, cut-side down, on your cutting board and slice them into thick wedges.

sliced sweet potatoes

Now, spray a baking dish with a bit of non-stick spray, add your sweet potatoes, and pour a couple tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil over them. Stir sweet potatoes to coat, and for the seasonings, add half tsp. onion powder, half tsp. garlic powder, half tsp. smoked paprika, half tsp. herbes de provence (I really like the kind that has lavender in it!), and a quarter tsp. sea salt.

(Note: If you are salt sensitive, then leave out the salt, or add lite salt. It’ll taste okay still, I promise!)

seasoned sweet potatoes in baking pan

Then cover with foil and bake at 350 F. for about 40 minutes, or bake uncovered for about an hour. If baking uncovered, use a knife after and hour to poke a sweet potato wedge. If it’s easily pierced, then they’re ready, if it’s still hard, then leave in a bit longer until the sweet potatoes are tender enough to pierce.

That’s it! You have something that’s great for gluten-free’ers, diabetics, and heart healthy folks, so it’s good, and healthy all the way around! Mmm mmm, now that’s good eating right there!



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  1. Peace.Love.Veggies permalink

    Yay! I’m oven roasting sweet potatoes this evening and needed some tips so thank you!

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