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Being loved, and being in love

October 3, 2015

More talented people have written songs and poems about what it feels like to be “in love.” Musicians created “the Blues” to discuss the misery of having found and lost love, and authors create epic tales of what it is like to have that special someone come into your life.

There is nothing that I can say about love that has not already been said by someone else and perhaps more eloquently. As great a feeling, it is to have someone special in your life that makes each day worth living the true joy of love is when someone loves you back equally.

I’ve had times in my life in which I thought I had nothing left, but God’s love somehow found me and inspired me to press on. Ever haunted by my failings and shortcomings I thought I didn’t deserve love, yet God sent my two gifts when I wasn’t expecting it.

First, God showed me his love through the revelation that Christ died for me! This realization set me on a path that would not only make my life complete but lead me to the wisdom that continues to guard my life.
The second gift he gave me was sending me the woman that would become my wife and major support to keep me grounded in love.

Though I am no renown poet, I can’t help but try to convey the feeling in my heart when I reflect upon both what I’ve lost and gained since I received my precious gifts from God. I once lost the will to live, to function, but love took my hand and inspired me to continue. After losing a child, I lost both my joy and my smile but love taught me how to renew peace.

It’s uncanny how a simple thing like having the right person in your life can change even the most diehard cynical spirit into a complete optimist. Once shaken by any dark cloud I am now able to look at the most cloudy day and find a reason to thank God for the rain.

Someone said love gives you wings because it makes what seems impossible possible. I enjoy the endurance of love; it meets each test and endures and in the process is made stronger. I constantly remind my wife, the gift that God sent me that I love her today, not for the blessings that we enjoy currently but for the rough times we endured in the past.

There is a confidence that comes with knowing that you are loved and having that love be shown and expressed to you on a daily basis. God has truly wiped my tears, and he calms my fears every time my wife knows when I need a hug or when I’m vulnerable. That’s what being “in love” is all about.

When I hear society tell it’s stories about how love fades or how people grow tired of being married to the same person I often laugh. We are the same, yet different. In 20 years together I’m still amazed at the fact that she says she still get’s butterflies in her stomach for me. My commitment and love increases because it is still alive.

We all must recognize and appreciate the valuable gift that being loved and being in love truly is. Like the adage, “you don’t miss what you have until it’s gone.”  We need to learn how to not only appreciate the love we have, but we need to nurture our relationships and sustain them.

We’ve loved and supported each other through heartache and triumph, tears of joy and pain. There is no ego in being in love because she sees my insecurities and covers them with her understanding love. My wife the gift that God has given me has truly given me a lot to be grateful for in return I’ve surrendered to her my heart.

My heart rightfully belongs to her since she helped restore and mend it.

  1. Beautiful words! Amazing marriage! You are right how many people say staying in love is difficult or that love fades. I hear that all around, but I have found it to not be true for all. Very inspiring reminder of what we can truly have and cherish. Makes me want to remind my love how special he is to me. Keep inspiring, Eric! People need to hear it.

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    • Thank you Gabriela for taking the time to read the post and the kind words. Men are taught from birth to hide or disregard their emotions, their feelings and women aren’t accustomed to hearing the how they are loved and appreciated, unless it’s in an apology. I just try to remind myself not to take my wife for granted and I try to remind her how I feel about her. Here’s the cheesy part, I actually feel like it’s my calling to help people who are having relationship issues.

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