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Sauted Zucchini

September 28, 2015

Start out by washing the zucchini lightly to remove any dirt on it. If you have a soft kitchen brush, great! Use it. If not, that’s fine, just rub your hands over the zucchini to clean it off. Then cut off both ends of the zucchini.


Now slice the zucchini down the middle, but lengthwise, like this…

unnamed (5)

Now place both halves, cut-side down on the cutting board, and slice them up in about 1/2 inch pieces. You can do it one at a time, like in the picture, or set them next to each other to cut both at the same time. Just, please be careful with the fingers. I can show you many things about cooking, but certainly not how to re-grow a finger.

zuchinni sliced

Now, take a shallow non-stick skillet and add 1-2 Tbsp of extra virgin olive oil.

(Note: If you have some issues with heart disease, or are monitoring your oil content for any reason, then just use a bit of water instead of oil. If you can have just a tiny bit of oil, then find a good quality heart healthy non-stick spray to add to the pan before you put the zucchinis in and avoid adding the other oil all together.)

(Note: Some people like to coat things in flour or breading, but remember if you do that it won’t be gluten-free, nor appropriate for diabetics. Unless, of course, you find some breading that is specifically gluten-free, in which case it is usually okay for diabetics as well.)

Add all of your cut zucchini to the pan, and using your spatula turn and flip them around to coat them with oil. After you do that, make sure all of the zucchini are touching the pan and are not one on top of the other. Now sprinkle evenly over the zucchinis about 1/4 tsp of whatever seasoned salt you like best.

(Note: If you are sensitive to salt, then either use Lite Salt, or just some no-salt seasoning like Mrs. Dash, or make your own.) (A word of caution to anyone new to Lite Salt, or No Salt… it takes some time to get used to the taste.)

zucchini in pan

Now, you want it to get a nice brown color, but not be burnt, so turn your fire on high and let the zucchini sit still for about 2-3 minutes. It may smoke, fizz and pop, but they will be fine. After a couple minutes start checking to see how brown they are. If your’ re happy with the zucchinis color, give them a stir, and let them sit a bit longer. I do not turn them one at a time, I stir them up at the same time. Some will turn and some will not turn, it’s okay!

Once you get the brown color you want, take them out and enjoy!

sauted zucchinis in serving bowl

Keep in mind that if you put the heat on low they will not brown and stay firm. You have to set the heat on high if you want the zucchini to brown nicely and still be firm. If you want them soft then bring the heat down a bit and let them cook slower. The zucchinis hold their texture pretty well. I’ve put them in a warm holding oven of 170 degrees Fahrenheit up to an hour, and they have not turned to mush.

So there you go… enjoy!


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