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Three Years

September 1, 2015
It’s been about three years since the months of August and September 2012 became a blur of relief, deep sorrow, and heartbreaking pain. I’m happy our friends bounced back, yet I’m heartbroken that my cousin still has to face every day without the man she loves. I’m reminded of our blessings, of the simple things that truly matter, of what is really important… the same things I would give everything I have, in order to have them back, if I should lose them. Hold your loved ones, take nothing for granted, and love fiercely.
Here’s the blog post I wrote in 2012…

After several events that pulled my attention completely away from my blogging duties and fall clean-up, now it’s time to settle back in.

All the excitement and heartache of the past month is in some ways now settling down.

For those of you that live in the Oklahoma area, you know that not long ago we had some dangerous wildfires that sprung up; some were purposely started, and others were not.

A family that we have befriended over the past couple of years, fell victim to these fires and lost everything they had. Fortunately the most important part of that house was intact and unharmed… their family!

Luckily they owned a small home in which their oldest son lived in. A few renovations needed to be completed in order to accommodate their family, but a couple weeks after their house burned down, they were settled into the place they would call home temporarily.

Why do I count this into my month of events?

Well… as she said in her Fox 23 News interview, ‘it’s difficult to find a hotel room for 11 people’! (Actually, it was 12; their house guest became ours as well!)
And yes, overnight our small home went from 5 inhabitants, to a whopping 17 for a couple weeks!!!
I was very glad that the children seemed to be enjoying themselves in what they jokingly called ‘their giant sleep-over’!
Before this particular event occurred, we were in the process of doing some intense fall cleaning; so after a week on hold, we finally got back to clean-up duties and we’re pretty close to getting done.

Not long after our guests settled into their home, in the midst of our bustling process of returning to normalcy I received a phone call.
My beautiful cousin, whom I grew up with on the island, was hit head-on by a drunk driver in Tampa, Florida. Her young son was taken via helicopter to one hospital, and my cousin and her hubby by ambulance to another. By the time that day came to an end, so did her husband’s precious life. The individual she called husband, lover and best friend… passed away.

As Christian’s we understand that God has a plan and a purpose for all of our lives, but it was difficult to see or even try to comprehend this, when the news of his death came in. Overwhelmed by the sadness brought on by a tragic death, you wonder why the good ones have to go so soon, and so suddenly.

I grieve for her, because I could see the long road that awaits her; the same road I would face if my husband were taken from my side so suddenly. The feeling suffocates me. You are reminded in the most jolting way, of the frailty of life; and in the process, quietly urged to hold your own loved ones a little closer, a lot tighter, and much longer.

May God hold her, and her children’s hearts, in His hands and soothe their weary hearts. Forming the single footprints in the sand as He carries them from sorrow to a frail renewed happiness, and somehow, just somehow, help fill the void formed when, her husband, was taken away.

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