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The Little Stream

August 29, 2015

I was excited to have seen a very talented individual ‘perform’ a short story. She was amazing, and I couldn’t wait to share it with you. I don’t recall the origins of the story, but the message was just awesome, and one that we could all use in our lives. I know I could!!!

The protagonist of the story is (clearing my throat)… a little stream.

A little stream went everywhere, and conquered all the obstacles that it encountered. Canyons… no problem! Cliffs… no problem! Giant boulders… no problem! The little stream swished, and whirled through every obstacle that came its way.

Then the little stream came upon a desert. It charged straight in to this new obstacle; ready to face it as it had done with everything else. Something was not right though… the little stream couldn’t get through! It tried over, and over again to get through that desert, and reach the other side. Each time it tried, it failed. Each time it tried, it was forced to retreat.

While despairing in its predicament… the little stream heard a beautiful melodic voice in the winds. The voice told the little stream that it had to surrender itself in order to continue this next stage of its journey. The little stream was horrified at the thought of losing itself, of changing its familiar identity into something it had never done before. It was a frightening decision.

Defeated by the desert, the little stream thought about it. After considering this strange request the little stream stopped trying to run through the desert… and surrendered its will. It remained quietly still, and allowed the heat of the sun to transform it into something different; something it had never known before.

Once the process began the little stream was amazed! The billowing clouds slowly grew, and grew over the desert! The little stream was stunned at what was happening to it! The storm rumbled and churned, and invigorated the little stream as it grew stronger than it ever imagined; reveling in the transformation that it had surrendered itself to. Racing on the winds, and flying across the desert skies, the little stream rejoiced with exhilarating euphoria, lightening and thundering along its way!

Once it arrived on the other side of the desert… the little stream came back down in the rains; invigorated, and with renewed strength to continue its journey. The little stream was now stronger, and more determined than ever to continue its journey; unafraid to surrender itself and be renewed if the circumstances, once again, called for it to do so.

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