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July 16, 2015

Physicians are amazing resources to have, but knowing yourself, and understanding what makes you feel the best takes some serious dedication, and only YOU can do that. Our bodies definitely “talk” to us, and let us know what works and what doesn’t; unfortunately, we have a tendency to either over ride what it’s telling us, or to not recognize the messages.

Thankfully our bodies are very adaptive and dynamic, and even if there’s much damage done, it can certainly be helped by engaging in a healthy lifestyle. Just keep in mind that the process takes a while, and you have to be pretty patient and forgiving with yourself; that can be a hard lesson in itself. My Mom always says, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” and she’s so right!
The forgiveness aspect applies even more important when it has to do with weight loss. There is no magic formula to lose weight; other than love yourself enough to be patient with your progress. My advice as a health educator to anyone willing to listen is always this…
Focus on getting your body healthier and stronger, and everything else will follow!
So if you have a scale at home, hide it, and don’t focus on a number! If you think I’m being crazy by saying that, think about this… what happens when you don’t see a change in the numbers on the scale, but you were able to pick up that heavy object at home and move it with ease? That’s definite progress, and you have to celebrate all of those milestones along the way. As you continue on that journey of making your body stronger, and eating to live instead of living to eat, you will see a gradual change that will make you so proud of yourself!
Another great point to remember is this, the social aspect of health and wellness is so important, yet so underestimated. It can play such a critical role in the success of your journey to know that you have support; not saying you can’t do it on your own, of course you can, but it’s so encouraging to know someone else is in that boat with you. My husband playfully jokes with his friends, saying that they’re always “planning” on exercising, but it’s his wife that’s always there “doing” the workouts with him.
So start a new journey to get to learn about yourself, and what your body is telling you… you will be so much happier for it!

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