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Immune Functions

July 6, 2015

Our immune system is involved in every aspect of the inner-workings of the body. It is made up of an extensive network of cells, each group with a dedicated function, whether identifying and ‘tagging’ invaders, to destroying them, to monitoring our organs.

They are poised to work at every vital component of our body, from our brain, to our muscles and everything in between. This is why having a healthy immune system is so important for everyone; it maintains the ideal state of function in our body, also known as, homeostasis.

In spite of being such a stealthy watchdog for our bodies, our immune system is quite delicate as well, and can be adversely affected by the most seemingly insignificant things such as stress or environmental pollution, or even the things we eat that are devoid of nutrition but full of contaminants.

HIE, or i26 as it’s commonly known, plays a vital part in maintaining that ever-important state of homeostasis. i26 does NOT cure, heal or treat anything, as many people assume because of the varying results witnessed. i26 merely provides DIRECT support to your immune system. Vitamins, minerals, herbs and others, though important to your body, do not directly affect your immune functions, i26 does.

If you understand the power of the immune system, then think of this… can you imagine what a constantly well balanced immune system is capable of?
You guessed it… a steady state of internal homeostasis!

How powerful is that?!


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