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Family Time!

June 29, 2015
You know, there is just something wonderful about the water, the views and the cool breezes that calm and soothe the soul. The family and I went to the lake the other day, and we were supposed to be ‘right back’, (according to what my hubby told his friend on the phone!). Much to my surprise, we didn’t get back home until about six hours later!!!
Now how in the world does time go by that fast, and barely noticeable?
Well for starters my hubby, who is not a “play in the water” type but nevertheless always makes it a point to be near us when we go out, had a strategically placed canopy right next to the water where we were playing. He also had his pad and pencil in hand, (yes, he is an amazing writer, as you guys know!). My oldest son, who is a wonderful self taught artist, also had his pad and pencil in hand! So… the two of them had, not only their trade tools, but also snacks and cold drinks close by, and of course the main component… location, location, location!!!! Next to the waters edge, with the cool breezes gently blowing, and shade over their heads.
By the time we were ready to go home, hubby had several story developments and my son had panoramic sketches of the views plus he worked on other drawings he had previously started as well.
I’m sure all that creativity was a direct result of those cool breezes!!!
Of course my other two water babies and I spent just about the entire time playing in the water! Well, my daughter only came out when she wanted to eat, she beat me on the water time! Baby boy and I built several castles for his stomping pleasure!!!

How wonderful is summer time!!!


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