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The Terrible Sweet Tooth!

June 14, 2015

I confess… I have a terribly active ‘sweet tooth’ that demands attention often. Unfortunately, when you have to stick to a certain way of eating, you can’t indulge in the things that people normally turn to for satisfaction.

Instead, I’ve got something much, much better!!!

Home cooked foods that are as fresh, as they are healthy. It’s really not too hard, you just have to learn to substitute ingredients that are acceptable to your body. Learning to cook with whole ingredients can take a bit of getting used too, but it’s worth the results.

You can indulge in things that are normally off limits, just by making them yourself, and making them healthier. Whole foods shouldn’t be off limits; just cook them healthy, and eat them in moderation. And diets? Throw those out the window!

(Unless of course… you’re required by your doctor to be on a renal diet, or some other similar diet required for maintenance of a chronic/acute health condition. That’s just totally different then.)

Anyway… I’m so thankful for the internet, and for a constant curiosity of food flavors. It’s because of this that I can fully comply with my sweet tooth’s demands… in a way that won’t be harmful to my health, but a constant benefit.


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