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Shop Talk!

June 7, 2015

Lets talk ‘shop’ for a minute…

So… what exactly does a vegan eat? You may have heard about it, but maybe you’re not 100% sure what it includes.

Well… how about if I tell you what they won’t eat.

A vegan will not consume anything that contains animal products (ex. meats, or any other part of the animal), nor consume anything derived from animal products (ex. animal milks, eggs, or honey), nor will they eat anything that is processed with animal products (ex. regular white, or brown sugars).

I know it sounds like you just cut off your entire food supply here, but… don’t throw away the key just yet. Think about this… because vegan fare is so restrictive, virtually everything is cooked fresh and with great whole ingredients, and… you guessed it… it is very easy to adapt to ‘meat eaters’! Just whip up a tasty vegan meal, and add your portion of meat in the recipe, or on the side!!!

If you do this at least one meal a week, for starters, you will be well on your way to a healthier clean-eating lifestyle, without giving up your love of meat.

Like my Mom always says, “If you’ve got your health, you can do anything”!

And a “lifestyle change” is what you REALLY need to have a healthier, and happier you; whether you’re a meat-eater, or not.


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