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Brown Rice How-to

May 22, 2015

Ok, now this may sound fairly simple but someone recently asked me… How do you cook brown rice?

Simply put… Leave it alone, and let it do its thing in the pot!!!

So many people want to stir it and ‘check’ it… Don’t do it ~ Resist the temptation!

Brown rice is absolutely awesome, and that wonderful nutty flavor goes well in so many dishes. So… whatever amount you need to use, be sure that it’s 2 parts water to one part rice. In other words as an example for one cup of rice you will use two cups of water.

I put the cold water and the rice in the pot and about 2 teaspoons of a good healthy oil per cup of rice (walnut, grapeseed, olive, coconut, etc), and give it all a stir. This will be the only time you stir it.
Turn the fire on high (I have a gas stove), and let it boil uncovered until the water is almost evaporated. The best way to check is this… using any utensil (I use a flat wooden spatula), insert it straight down into the rice and move the rice just enough so that you can see the water bubbling just beneath. (Almost as if you were making a slit in the rice!)

If the rice looks dry on top, but there’s still a lot of water just under it, then let that water boil out just a bit more.  When you check it and it looks like there only a bit of water bubbling at the bottom… read carefully… bring the fire down all the way to low, and cover that pot!

Do not stir it!

Allow it to sit on low for at least another 15 minutes, and then turn the fire off.  Do not uncover the rice (or stir it), let it sit covered and unstirred for at least another 15-20 minutes.

At that point you can open your lid, and give it a stir.

If you can have some patience with your brown rice, you will have perfectly cooked, tender and fluffy rice every time!


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