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Organic Nutrients

April 28, 2015
There are three organic nutrients that provide energy to our bodies: proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Likewise, minerals, vitamins and water do NOT provide the body with energy.
So when you see a sports drink that claims to provide energy, check out the ingredients!

So what exactly are these energy yielding nutrients?

Proteins: Compounds composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen atoms which are arranged into amino-acids linked in a chain; some can even contain sulfur atoms.

Fats: Lipids which are found in foods or in the body, made up mainly of triglycerides. (Lipids are a family of compounds which includes triglycerides (fats and oils), phospholipids, and sterols)

Carbohydrates: Compounds which are made of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen and are arranged in monosaccharides or multiples of monosaccharides. Most, not all, carbohydrates have a ratio of 1:1, on the carbon and the water molecule, ‘CH2O’.

And what exactly are minerals, vitamins and water?

Minerals: These are inorganic elements. Some minerals are essential nutrients required in small amounts. (Essential meaning, your body HAS to get them from an outside source, because it either cannot produce it or produces quantities too low for proper functioning.)

Vitamins: These are organic, essential nutrients that are required by the body for good health, but only in small amounts.

Water: Provides the environment where nearly all the body’s activities are conducted; it participates in many metabolic reactions; it transports vital materials to cells, as well as waste products out of them. Water itself is an essential nutrient and naturally carries many minerals which give it flavor.


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