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Wine? Really?

February 15, 2015
I have often heard individuals state that a glass of wine a day is good for you, especially the dark varieties. If you look at the chemistry, biology and physiology behind that statement you realize that it makes absolutely no sense. It is strictly a matter of choice to consume it, but please don’t put a healthful benefit behind it. Just looking at it from a chemistry standpoint, consider this:

When alcoholic beverages are made they produce a type of alcohol called ethyl alcohol, also known as ethanol. Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard of it because it is a popular bio-fuel and additive to many gasoline’s now-a-days. (It is considered a bio-fuel because it is made from some type of plant.)

In the chemistry world it is known as one of the ‘simple organic compounds’ which also include in the family: methanol, propanol, methane, and propane, to name a few. All are toxic to consume, except that ethanol is one of the least toxic when consumed in small quantities; some of the other organic compounds in that family have the capability to shut down the organs in your body very quickly.
This toxicity is due to the arrangement of it’s molecules… the carbons, the hydrogens and the oxygens.
Even though it’s kind of hard to imagine that those teeny-tiny microscopic molecules can do any damage to you, but it is precisely that unique molecular configuration which makes it very difficult for your liver (which is your detoxifying organ) to break ethanol down and dispose of it.

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