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Brain Food!

February 13, 2015
Talking about glucose… here is yet another reason to chow down on your veggies and fruits, which are loaded with this special little sugar.
Glucose is your brain’s primary source of fuel, it’s one of the few things (other than oxygen) that is readily transported across your blood-brain barrier.
Your brain needs tons of it! Out of the entire glucose supply in your body, your brain alone consumes about half!!! That is astounding!

Can your car run without a proper gasoline? Well, your brain can’t be without glucose either!!!

This is another reason why not to go overboard on the low-carb diets. If you starve your brain from carbs (especially the good ones), you are reducing your brains primary fuel source. Unfortunately, over time I have seen some ‘gun-ho’ dieters that drastically reduce their carbs, even the good ones like glucose. So, if you are experiencing headaches and you’re on a really low carb, or even crazier, a ‘no-carb’ diet, chances are you’re brain is telling you to please feed it. So adding a few good carbs should help in slowing down, or eliminating those headaches all together.

And what is the brain’s primary source of fuel? Glucose!
And what is the best source of glucose? Food that comes from plants!

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