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Huh? We Need Trash?

February 11, 2015
Some years back I was discussing with my kids the connection between us and plants, and how the survival of one depends on the other and vice versa.
My kids thought about this for a bit, and then came up with their own simple way of explaining what I spent an hour trying to decipher for them…
‘So… we need the trash they make, but they need the trash we make too? Right?’
I thought that was much better said, than the lengthy explanation I gave them! Needless to say, my kiddos have helped me learn that you don’t always need to wax philosophical on every explanation. Most times being direct and to the point is best, and less time consuming, thus… freeing up time for the fun stuff!

Is it just me, or does life come full circle here too? Isn’t that what our elders try to teach us? Simplicity?

So we have a grasp on it while we are children, seem to lose sight of it in our adulthood, then we re-gain it in our elder years.


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