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Muscle vs Fat

February 7, 2015
Have you seen those pictures of a chunk of muscle sitting right next to a chunk of fat?
Muscle weighs more than fat – is not a myth, it is reality.
Keep in mind, those picture are comparing the exact size in circumference, and not the exact size in the sense of volume. Let’s use as an example a six inch cube of fat, and a six inch cube of muscle, and each cube is exactly the same size in length and height. However, if you take the exact size (in an SI unit for volume), and weigh it, the six inch cube of muscle will be much heavier than the six inch cube of fat.
Fat, also known as adipose tissue, is categorized as a loose connective tissue, and you can see why! When comparing pound to pound, the volume is visibly different; but when comparing volume to volume, the pounds will be different with muscle weighing more than fat!

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