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Caffeine Is Definitely a Drug

February 3, 2015
When I first started working the night-shift in the 90’s, my body had a hard time adjusting. I was going against my natural circadian rhythm and it was taking a toll on me. Of course I had to make myself adjust so… I started drinking about a cup of coffee a night, around the same time every morning to help me get through the shift. I was never a coffee drinker but, I adjusted. I noticed a few changes creeping up on me over the years but didn’t think it was related to coffee. That is, until I started researching.
For those people that say, they never have done drugs, or never will; yet take a pill, a drink, or any supplement containing caffeine…guess what?
Caffeine is a DRUG.
It falls under the category of stimulants, and it’s classified as an addictive substance. It is also something that your body builds a resistance to, so you increase your intake with time because X amount doesn’t do what it used to do for you, so now you need more. It also causes withdrawal symptoms, not to mention the other nasty little side effects like, increased urination, kidney infections or kidney stones.

So needless to say…yes, I kicked my habit.
I was concerned about my energy levels going back down and being dreadfully sleepy come 2am, so I came up with an idea… I decided to try the hyper-immune egg supplement called i26 to see what happened. Oddly enough, my energy was A LOT higher than with the caffeine. Many of my co-workers noticed the difference, and asked me what was I using to not only stay awake all night, but to pull off all the overtime I was doing and always come into work with that same high level of energy.

Of course I told them it was i26, but because my health care co-workers were so knowledgeable in health care… they dismissed the fact that a healthy immune system could actually impact you that much!!!

I guess maybe they didn’t drink their cup of ‘jo’ during the class on immune functions, or else they would’ve known that a healthy immune system is a powerful thing! Unfortunately for many of them, come 2am you could find them in all their usual places, stealing ‘power-naps’ on their breaks to make it through the shift.

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