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20 Minutes a Day?

February 1, 2015
Have you ever wondered why it’s so beneficial for diabetics to exercise at least up to 20 minutes a day? You always hear that ’20 minute rule’… but why?

When the human body raises its level of activity from its normal state, and maintains that active state for anywhere up to 20 minutes, something really interesting happens in your body!

First of all, its does not have to be exactly 20 minutes for this to happen, this is just an approximate number; it can be 5 minutes, or 10 minutes of any moderate type of exercise that is comfortable for you to do. So basically, you want to do something active, and maintain that level of activity for anywhere up to about 20 minutes before you slow back down.

The same way your car uses gasoline to run, our body uses its version of fuel as well. Unlike our cars though, our bodies use two general types of fuel… sugars and fats! Though there are several different categories of sugars and fats, for right now, we’ll just keep it simple and general.

Fat sustains your body’s energy needs over a long term; so it’s a great fuel source for endurance runs for example. So… guess what your body’s first choice of fuel for energy during initial, or short bursts of activity is?
You got it…sugars!!!

This is absolutely essential for diabetics! Since your pancreas is not working like it’s supposed to, you’ll probably have an excess of sugars floating around that could be ‘cleaned-up’ by something other than extra insulin.

Your body mainly pulls first from those ‘sugar fuels’ for that initial increased energy need, and this lasts approximately 20 minutes. Then, if you’re still maintaining a steady level of exercise after about 20 minutes, your body does a bit of switch, and it begins to pull from ‘fats’ more so than ‘sugars’ for that fuel need. The process is a bit more complex, but this has been a general overview of it.

So you see, by exercising for even 5 minutes at a time, you help to ‘clean-up’ some of those sugars floating around; which in turn helps you better manage your diabetes!

Have fun!!!


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