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Part 2: Apples or pears?!

January 5, 2015

Building on my last post, here are some excerpts from ‘Strong & Healthy Oklahoma’!

‘Waist size is used to determine central obesity, which is a predictor of health risks and disease. People with a waist circumference greater than the recommended measures are at an increased risk for diabetes, high cholesterol, early heart disease and high blood pressure, even when the BMI falls within a healthy range. People who are apple shaped versus being pear shaped are at a greater risk for health problems. Oftentimes, our shape is inherited, but bad habits such as smoking and too much alcohol can increase the waistline, too.’

‘Measuring your waist size:

1. Place a tape measure around your bare abdomen, one inch above your belly button.

2. Be sure that the tape is snug but does not compress your skin.

3. The tape measure should be parallel to the floor.

4. Relax, exhale and measure your waist.’

‘Waist size ranges:

Men > 40 inches = increased risk for health problems

Women > 35 inches = increased risk for health problems’

Now, let me chime in with something else! We know this is an uncomfortable spot to be in, as some people don’t even want to look in the mirror. But, you can do this when you are by yourself with no one around to watch or judge you, and be truly honest! In order for change to begin you need to know exactly where you stand, so you can plan your steps accordingly and monitor your progress. YOU CAN ACHIEVE THE CHANGE YOU WANT!!!




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