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Which is better for you~ 20 minutes, or 30?

December 30, 2014

Your body uses two main sources of energy during a good intense workout, sugars and fats. When I say ‘workout ‘ I mean any activity that raises your heart rate and maintains it there for a certain length of time. So while any movement is better than none, weight loss will be achieved from ‘clean eating habits’ and a certain amount of physical activity.

Some professional associations recommend 20 minutes of steady exercise while others recommend 30. What exactly is the best thing to do?

Well, consider this, without getting too technical…

During the first approximately 20 minutes of a good steady workout your body uses excess sugars in the bloodstream for energy, but this is a short term energy source and your body can’t sustain itself for longer periods of time with just the sugars. Anything past those approximate 20 minutes requires another type of primary fuel, fats!

So…after you hit the 20 minute mark your body basically switches gears, and begins using mainly your fat reserves as a source of primary energy, and this is when the pounds begin to slowly go away!!!

For someone who is diabetic or pre-diabetic, 20 minutes a day is a beautiful thing because your body is using up a lot of that excess sugar in your system for fuel! And even the non-diabetic individuals can benefit from these initial 20 minutes because, constant excess sugars in your body, not only strain your healthy pancreas, but they also turn to that dreaded excess fat we want to get rid of so badly! And you do not want that; remember… excess unused sugars turn into fat. Unfortunately many diabetics suffer from a severe lack of energy making it difficult to stay motivated, and active every single day.

So remember… anything less than approximately 20 minutes of exercise burns excess sugars in your body for its primary source of fuel and any amount of exercise over the 20 minute mark burns mostly fat as a primary fuel source. So if you want to lose the pounds, make sure to stick with your workout for more than 20 minutes at a time. Remember though, ultimately any amount of movement is better than none!

Happy work-outs!



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