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Excessive force was used, that’s my opinion.

December 27, 2014

So, peddling cigarettes illegally will get you killed, but… if you drink a couple glasses of wine, run through a light, and kill a pedestrian crossing the street, well, that earns you… nothing. In both cases, video tape evidence of wrong-doing exists, yet in both cases, the aggressors were handed no prison time for their actions.
My condolences to the Garner, and Liao families of NY; and the numerous other families scarred by the pain of injustice…

It is my opinion that excessive force was used in the case of Eric Garner. He did not pull a gun, or knife, or any weapon for that matter. Once the four officers put him down on the ground, and handcuffed him, they should have released the chokehold, sat him up or stood him up, put him in the patrol car, and taken him away to serve whatever jail time he had coming.

That’s what should have happened.

They should not have maintained the choke hold, then held his face to the ground, and stayed on top of him. The video does not show him kicking, and fighting once he was down on the ground; as a matter of fact the big guy just kinda rolled over, and extended his free hand out. He was choking to death, and that was not an acceptable punishment to his crime.

That was unfair excessive force, plain and simple. I’m in no way condoning his illegal activities, or his resisting arrest; for that, he should have served his time… but he should not have been killed for this. That was wrong. Those who disagree, will just have to agree to disagree with me, because obviously I see this case differently than you do.

I don’t feel what happened to Eric Garner was justified, I do feel it was wrong for him to be choked to death, and the man who killed him should have had some type of consequence to his actions. So resisting arrest deserves death, but wrongfully killing a person deserves no punishment? Since when is it acceptable for any individual to become judge, jury, and executioner in this country? We do not live in the old wild west, we live in a modern society with laws and consequences in place for anyone who breaks them, regardless of who they are. Justice was not served in this case.

My reference is specifically to the point that it is unfortunate in present times, that even when you have real video taped evidence of the assault, the aggressors can still get away with no consequence. It used to be, if that type of evidence existed, the case was pretty much a done deal, and a sentence would be handed down.

Nowadays, even real video tape footage means nothing.

The other example I offered initially was the case of the Liao family. There is video tape proof that a driver ran the light on his left turn, which caused him to kill a three year old baby crossing the street with her grandmother. In spite of the driver’s admission of having drunk a couple glasses of wine before he got behind the wheel, and in spite of real video tape evidence of that little angel getting sucked under the tires of his car… he still got no sentence.


That is also an injustice, as was the murder of Eric Garner. A life is a life, and you should not be able to make the choice to take a life, and have no consequence unless that individual posed a real threat to you. Both videos showed wrongful doing, yet neither aggresor paid a price.



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