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That Which Doesn’t Kill Me

December 23, 2014

I know we’re made stronger by the things that we endure. Like a blacksmith hammering away at iron or steel, our lives are shaped by the trials that come our way.
Are we made stronger by the tribulation that we suffer?
Is a single mother made stronger by raising her children alone?
Are the children better off learning not to depend on a father?

The pains of life hit us much like a blacksmith’s hammer;
our hearts are forged through the fires of adversity.
Are we made stronger because of conflict, or in spite of it?
Bitterness can become common when we feel too often life’s cruelties,
and our hearts can become as hard as the conflict that shapes it.

Our hearts are molded like clay in the hands of a sculptor,
with careful detail and a skilled hand our hearts are perfected.
The perfected heart is not one that has not been broken,
it’s made perfect by its ability to survive all heartache.

We find the beauty in nature and all its imagery,
the colors of autumn, the leaves dancing in the wind.
Each sunrise and sunset are truly wonders to behold,
yet the most beautiful thing to behold is the human spirit.

I’ve felt the bitter sting of life’s cruelties,
yet in the end I count myself fortunate.
I’ve shed tears for a man that was never much of a father,
and I lost a child that I never got a chance to hold;
the grief consumed me, but I learned to smile again.

I see spirituality in the resilient human spirit, but
this conclusion I reached after many tribulations, yet
the hammering on my heart led me to God,
and I found strength in years of learning of his ways.

The apostle Paul stated that we are more than conquerors,
and it’s by Gods grace that I overcome and I survive.
In my life I’ve lost more than I’ve ever conquered, yet
I find the beauty in knowing that I’m still alive.

E.D. Armstrong

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