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There’s an army inside me?!

December 14, 2014

Many people often ask, “what exactly is the immune system?” Well, lets take some time to explore it a bit!

The immune system is so complex that many things about it are still unknown. We do know, however, that it has one extremely important mission; to protect us! I remember the explanation I offered my kiddos when they were very young. This applied mainly to smaller cuts and scrapes that you could distract them from; the bigger ones ‘demanded’ more Mommy intervention!

Now, keep this in mind so you don’t get lost on my explanation… ‘magic white soldiers’ are white blood cells; ‘magic red soldiers’ are red blood cells; ‘weapons’ are platelets. That being said, this is what my explanations to them were like.

Sitting on my lap I would draw their attention to their hurt spot and ask them to look carefully, carefully! Can you see that? Look, look! Oh no! Your ‘magic red soldiers’ are falling out! Oh no, here lets help them back in! (This is when I used a damp cloth to lightly wipe the trace of blood they had) Oh look, here they come; can you see them? It’s your ‘magic white soldiers’ and their ‘weapons’, they’re helping your ‘magic red soldiers’! (Now I pour a bit of peroxide on) Oh look, look! The ‘magic white soldiers’ are making lots and lots more ‘soldiers’ to fight the bad ones!

Oh my gosh they are fighting so much they’re making bubbles, WOW! (Now wipe a bit and put antibiotic ointment on) Oh look your ‘magic white soldiers’ are using their ‘weapons’ to build a wall to keep the bad ones from coming in anymore! Oh look, look! Can you see them?! They did it! No more bad ones coming in and no more ‘magic red soldiers’ falling out! Oh wow, look how fast they’re working on that wall! It’s all closed up, WOW! Can you feel that? See how it feels warm here? Yup! Your ‘magic soldiers’ are still working in there! (then when the scab forms…) Now don’t take off that cover, because you’ll tear their wall down and make the ‘soldiers’ have to work all over again!

Of course, the written form doesn’t do it justice because I was pretty loud and very animated! So much so, that it turned into a cheering session with the kids, and together we ‘rooted’ for the ‘magic soldiers’ to win! The kiddos were very proud of their ‘soldiers’ and even claimed to see them in action!

Though it may seem terribly basic to us adults, but this is truly the simplest explanation of what is the immune system and what it does! Our immune system is designed to protect us, simple as that! We’ll go more in depth next time!

Till next time,



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